June and nearly all of July have disappeared into a flurry of end of the school year events, dance recitals, the beginning of swim team season and all of its practices and meets, and one fabulous trip away for the entire family. Every summer I have visions of relaxing lazy days and getting a lot done without having to adhere to a rigid schedule. Why do I always forget? Summer means vacation for children, which means being home all day, which means moms get no break.

While life has been busy, I have added images to my  Intangible Inheritance  project. I want to share some of that work. These children were wonderful to work with, and their parents were great too. Deciding on one positive and one negative trait to include for each child can be difficult. One mom shared with me, “That was challenging but such a worthwhile effort.” The ways the chosen traits were manifest even in the short time I worked with some children was also fascinating and fun.

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